Let's Enjoy Handmade at home!

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I hope everyone are doing fine. Regarding to COVID-19, We're having unsettled time these weeks... Now we recognize how normal daily life is pleasant for us. Staying calm sounds very simple but it's very big thing for now. Be safe and heathy! Choose kind for yourself and others. Well...let's see the bright side.

Let's find things you can enjoy at home.! First thing I did was organizing house clutter. If you can adore your home, you'll enjoy being at home right?  

When you're in cozy home, how about making something you'll love! Let's Enjoy Handmade! Creating something is good meditation as well.

In previous post, I introduced how to make a earrings.  

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I sincerely hope this situation ends soon.
Please take good care of your body and mind.

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