How to wire wrap a top drilled bead

Hi All!  Today, I post my second tutorial video! 
The project is " Wrapping top drilled bead" 

You'd need


  • Flat nose players, Round nose players, Cutters


  • One top drilled bead 
  • 24 or  26 Gauge wires ( Gold-filled, Sterling silver, Artistic wire)
    I used  26 gauge gold-filled wire. 
  • 16" Chain, Clasps, Jump rings (optional for necklace)


What is top drilled bead? 
The bead has been drilled vertically through the top of the bead, about a quarter of the way down. 

Some are oval shape. some are teardrop shape. there are vary of shapes of top drilled beads. In this video, I used a drop shape bead.
If you simply put thru a chain, it'll be a necklace! If you have two of them, you can attach with ear wires for earrings! 

Let's make one-of-a-kind jewelry!


If you have any questions, let me know! Your comments are welcome! If you like this video, please share on your SNS ;)

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