Our story


For as long as I can remember, handmade crafts have been a part of my life. At an early age, my interest in artistic expression drew me to college where I studied

fashion and became a pattern maker for women's fashion.

Growing up I often thought, "If I cannot find what I want, why not create it myself?" 
This has been one of my guiding principles that motivates me to explore creativity and imagination. I am very fond of my work and continuously strive to attain originality and a unique style of my own.

My husband's business brought us to the U.S. It was during this time that I opened an Etsy shop and later started teaching introductory classes in making jewelry to beginning students. These were challenging times and yet very exciting for it was the first time that I was running my own business.

Then we returned to Japan in 2010 and over the next four years I participated in many 
fascinating arts and crafts trade shows of varying sizes. Eventually, another opportunity was given to us and we decided to return to the states. We moved in Michigan in November of 2014 then in CA in February of 2019.

I continue to work on my jewelry business and I am delighted by the thought that I can absolutely do this type of work anywhere. Should other relocating events cross my path, such events would bring further opportunities to enjoy new cultures and other ideas as well as meet new people. No matter where I live, my artwork and designs reflect the natural beauty and culture inspired by the local surroundings. My products get shipped worldwide; the only difference is the starting location of where I happen to be at the moment.

In brief, making jewelry is my passion; I thoroughly enjoy this as my life's mission. It is my hope that individuals who acquire my artwork find a great sense of enjoyment just as I do in creating that ideal piece of jewelry for that extraordinary person in your life.

I hope people order their jewelry from Yoko's Jewelry for that unique design and styling that so many have come to appreciate and find irresistible.
Thank you for stopping by my shop.