How to make a pearl chain earrings

Hi All! 
How’s your holiday season going?

We've been talking about gift ideas from the store recently, but handmade gifts are great too!

Today, I will show you how to make very simple and stylish pearl earrings.

It can be made with simple techniques and a few materials, so why not give it a try this Christmas season?


You'd need...

Tools : Flat nose pliers , Round nose pliers, Wire cutters

Materials : Two water pearls
                 Two Head Pins (1.5" long)
                 Two oval jump rings
                  A pair of ear wires 
                 Chains cut in half (3/4" each) 



1 Put thru a head pin to a pearl. Then bend the wire 90°.



2  Using round nose pliers, Wrap a head pin around the pliers like photo.



3   Slip loop into the end of the chain.
             (You can attach with your wire wrapped bead to closed link. This is very useful tip for making jewelry! )



4    Hold the loop firmly with pliers, and wrap the tip of the head pin around the core.After wrapping, cut off the excess wire.




5    Connect chain and ear wires with oval jump rings.



Tadaaaaa! DONE! 


Isn't it easy? Please try changing the color of the metal or using different beads. Just changing the length of the chain will change the atmosphere.

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