DIY No-Sew Upcycled T's

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Recently I've posted about how-to upcycle T (Enjoy Upcycling Your Old T shirts). 
Today, I'll do more "show and tell"  What you going to need is Scissors and a marker. No sew!  I got design ideas from Pinterest. I would like to share the link I referred too!


Halterneck Tank

I referred this Pinterest pin by Corky Jane  



1. Cut off the sleeves. Draw the line before cutting. Leave Neck rib approximately 2 inches in front and  1 inch on back. So front and back cutting line will be different. 

2.Fold T shirts on center in half.

3.Draw the curve line. Make back side longer. Cut off the finished hem edge.

4. Pull the back of the shirts and tie with using the hem edge strip.


Front Tie Short Tops

I referred Pinterest pin by DIY and Crafts


1.Cut off the neck rib. Draw the line before cutting. I used a plate for a guide line. 

2.Cut the sleeve line.

3.Cut the back of the shirts. Then cut the strait up the middle on front. Cut the center to make 2 points. 


Slash Side Funky Tank
(Use big T's)

I referred this Pinterest Pin by Delightfully Kristi



1. Cut the neck line 

2. Cut off the sleeves. 

3.Cut open both sides of shirts from the arm pit to the hem. Make slash cut approximately 1 inch long and 1inch wide on side. Stretch each tabs and tie them.

I's kinda fun to recreate the old T shirts! Those were like PJ T's But now those upgraded to workout tT's! and cuter too. 

If you don't have old T's you want to cut, look your husband drawers. (Ask him first before cut! lol)

Enjoy upcycling!


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