Enjoy Upcycling Your Old T shirts

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On last memorial day weekend, I enjoyed alternate my old T shirts to NEW yoga wear! SIP order gave us chance to be creative! (Let's think positive!) But it's true. I'm enjoying alternate idea for many things like cooking, cleaning, sewing, crafting....since the source is limited, you got to think. But it's great to explore. 

This time, Old T shirts. I have some T shirts I don't feel "JOY" anymore...They are comfortable but not look great on me...
In other hand, I need more Yoga tops. My old T's volunteered for that! lol


What's you going to need.

T shirts you want to upcycle!
Scissors for fabric
Thread and a needle

Mine is this.
What I don't fee l joy about...Basically over sizes. Neck line is too deep...



1 : Cut out one sleeve. Make sure you like the arm line. Avoid to cut deep at beginning, you can tweak as many as you want. 

2 : Fold the T shirts half. Cut the same line on the other side. So that is look symmetric! 

3 : T shirts look like cute sleeveless tops now.

4 : Cut our some strips from the sleeves. 


Just cutting off sleeves make big difference!
From here is option. 


5 : Cut sleeve strips tube. So that it's now like a string. Tie it on each shoulder.

6 : Sew roughly between 2"~3" from bottom and top (arm hole) on Side hems to make gather. 
I like to do this. It looks cuter and the T shirts' length is not too long now!  




 How do you like it? I have couple of more T shirts waiting to be upcycled! lol
will show you again here! ;)

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