New Items! Rustic Boho-Chic Hair Barrette

Thank you for visiting my blog! Today, I'd like to introduce our latest collection.
I have talked about verdigris patina before in this previous blog post.
'm continuing working on it! It's fun to see how it'll come out.

This time, I made hair barrettes. 
The metal sheet was set on barrette by rivet on both sides. 



I made this barrette was made from scraps. I colored with paints for metals. 

It's narrower but size of barrette finding is same size with other barrette.

By the way, when was the last time you went to hair salon? I haven't got hair cut for couple of months... Do you have same problem with me? Finally, I did self hair cut! was ok. It's new skill I got from this isolation time. Not just bad things lol

Anyway, either your hair grow longer or not, barrette is useful items to arrange your hair style :D Enjoy Boho-Chic everyday items!


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