New items! Boho-chic Earrings

Hi! Thank you for visiting my blog! I hope all of you're staying safe and doing well!
Today, I'm introducing my new items! And I will show little bit about jewelry making process here!

Recently I'm fond of adding texture onto metal. It's funny I try to add some texture of vintage, antique or rustic taste to the new jewelry lol  But I believe many people are longing for vintage look. For me, I love verdigris tone. 

How I made those? There is a secret recipe. I'm using all natural source. And this process is spontaneous.  So..Can't have exactly same again. Ichigo-Ichie (one time in lifetime) I use this quote to express. "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

I'm happy the result of this patina process this time! 

My handmade tool for verdigris patina. will see how these experiment will come out.


Those came out like this. kinda wild look lol

I continued some experiment and finally Taddaaa!!


Verdigris patina is on both side of metal.



For these earrings, I added antique copper paint process after words. You can enjoy mix of verdigris and copper.


I didn't do same process on these earrings. I painted antique copper paint onto copper. So these earrings are anti tarnish. Those paints have variety of colors and you can mix. So I'll play around more in future products.


Enjoy One-of-a-kind Boho earrings! 

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