New Items! Silver Zigzag Hair Pins For Thick Hair

Hi All! Thank you for visiting my blog! 
I'm excited to share new items from my shop. Today, I'll introduce new hair accessories! 

I've had a request to make a short pins in zigzag design. I've wrote about in this blog. 
This time, I've received a request to make large size hairpin in silver. She said she has thick hair and has tried 3.5 inches but they don't hold up all of her hair in a bun.

I hope our long hairpin works for her. I haven't made silver one yet. So I made it for her and updated as a new item as well!  The length is approximately 5 1/4". It should be long enough. 

Silver Long Zigzag Hairpin 


I use thick gauze wire for hair stick. It's strong enough to hold your hair up. But if one pin is not enough, I recommend to use two pins or using hidden smaller pins (like bobby pins) too. Here's bunch of hair style ideas on my pinterest bord!  

In personally small size pin in this shape is most versatile. It hold my hair bun very well also I can use it as a shawl pin for knit scarf.

Small Size Hair Pin


If you can't find your desired size pins, Please let me know! I'll custom for you ;)


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