Custom Order Hair Pins

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Recently Hair sticks (Hairpins) are getting more attention! It has become the most popular items in our shop!

One of my customer gave me a inquiry if I could make 3" hairpin. Also she wanted have it antique bronze color. So I patina the hairpin. Our shortest pin is 4" I thought 3" is way too short... But when I made it, I thought wow! it looks nice!  



She gave me a positive review! 

"nother great design that I couldn't resist and had to purchase a set! They are a beautiful bronze color and the color is amazing in person. It is a perfect size for short hair. Thank You for your willingness to design a hair pin to meet my needs."


We learn a lot  from customer's requests. Now mini size hairpins are available in our shop! 

Handforged Copper Hair Pins

I'm so happy my pins met my customer's need :) If you can't find the size you wish, let us know! 



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