DIY Face Fitted Mask Tutorials with Free Pattern

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I've posted Handmade Mask Tutorials recently.  I hope it was helpful. Some of my friends showed their handmade masks made by following my tutorials! Their masks were super cute!! 

This time, I'm sharing different style of mask. I think you've noticed there are two types of fabric masks basically. One is pleated one. The other fits face like a cup. Actually I don't know how it's called...So I call it Face fitted mask for now...

It has space inside of mask. So your lips are not touching a mask. And even without nose wire, I don't have a problem of my glasses fogging up!


It's super easy to sew. But you got cut fabrics out by pattern. That's it.

Try either one or both! ( Pleats mask, Fit mask) I use both types.
If you don't have a sewing machine, You can sew by hand.


Fit Mask Pattern 

I wrote both centimeters and inches. Before using this patterns, Please make sure measurement is in actual size. 
*These patterns includes seams ( 3/8 inches)

PDF PATTERN For Women and Teens  



Materials you need...
Approximately 2 pieces  of  9" x 7" (12" x 7" for men's size) Fabric (Cotton)  
( Outside and Inside or Both same fabric) 
2 pieces of approximately 7"-7.5" Elastic ( For men's mask, 8- 8.5" elastic)


Before you start
( you can skip this process)
Soak the cloth in water, lightly wring out the water and iron. (It will dry soon.)
*This process prevents the fabric from shrinking during washing.
*If you're making masks for yourself or families and using fabrics from used clothing, it's already washed several times before. So you don't need this process.


Step 1

Cut four of pattern out of cotton (cut 2 together, twice) 
*In this tutorials, I used same fabrics for outer layer and inner layer.


Step 2

Match two pieces of cotton right sides together, and sew the outer curve using 3/8” seam allowance. Repeat with remaining two pieces. 

Step 3 

Open pieces and press both seam allowances to the right. 
*It's easy if you pull the fabric with other hand while ironing. 


Step 4

Now you have 2 pieces of a outside panel and an inside panel.
Put together right side inside. Take elastics and place on the side. (Have 1/2 inches space inside from the upper and bottom line edge)


Step 5

Pin and sew around the exterior of the mask, leaving a small opening at the bottom of the mask between the center front seam and corner.
Sew 2-3 times on elastic edge. But be careful not to sew other part of elastic together... 



Cut the corner 


Step 6

Turn mask right side out and press.


Match the center of outer and inner layer and pin.
Stitch down the seam about 1/4" from the seam.



Step 7

Top stitch around the mask, closing the hole at the bottom in the process.


Good Job!


As soon as I get ready. I'll list the finished piece. 
Thank you for reading! 

Stay safe and healthy!  Please leave a comment :) If you made mask(s) from this blog, Please share photos of your masks with #yokosjewelry 


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