Handmade Mask Tutorials

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Today, I'd like to share the tutorials of DIY mask! 


This is not a medical mask, but it is also useful during allergy season when you are concerned about pollen. If you dry your nose and throat, you are likely to catch a cold. If you wear a mask, you can keep the humidity moderately and prevent a cold. It also prevents coughing and sneezing from spreading.

It's not difficult to make it. If you don't use a sewing machine, hand sewing is OK as well! You can sit back and relax watching TV and sewing mask....sounds good!

This is two layers of cotton mask fits men and women adults

Materials you need...
Approximately 13" x 7-8" Fabric (Cotton) 
2 pieces of approximately 5" x 1" Fabric 
2 pieces of approximately 7"-8" Elastic ( For men's mask, 8.5" elastic)

Step 1 ( you can skip this process)
Soak the cloth in water, lightly wring out the water and iron. (It will dry soon.)
*This process prevents the fabric from shrinking during washing.


Step 2
Fold the long side half in right side inside. Sew the edge. So it's like a tube now. Turn over. Iron over the seam.



Step 3  
Add 2 ~ 3 pleats. Make a fold of about 1/2 inch from 1 inch from the top. Pin it and make two pleats just below it in the same way. Pin it in the same way.
Make the mask approximately 3 "wide.



Step 4 
Sew the pleats to hold. 



Step 5
Pin the elastic to the edge of the mask and sew on to the mask for both sides.



Step 6
Sandwich the elastic with the strip of fabrics. Sew the edge. 


Step 7 
Flip over and fold side first then top to cover the edge. 



Then fold once more to inward. Stitch the edge. 



Good Job! Everyone! 


Instead of the Step 5-7, You can do minimum version.
Step 5' 
Fold the edge and stitch. String the elastic on the both sides. Adjust with your size and tie the elastic. You can hide knot into the seam.  
*You'll need longer length of elastic. 


 Be safe and enjoy crafting!!  Please leave a comment :) If you made mask(s) from this blog, Please share photos of your masks with #yokosjewelry 

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