Upgrade Your Studs With Designed Ear Back

Excited to share new items from my shop! 
These are not earrings it self. These are ear backs you can use your studs earrings you already have, or enjoy mix and match from our studs collection.


chain earrings back

How to Use

Just use as regular ear nut with stud earrings. 
The ear nut is made of surgical steel which is safe for sensitive skin for metals.

pearl chain earrings back


Simple studs earrings turned into cute dangle earrings. 

flower stud with chain earrings back


You can use these ear backs on any other stud earrings.
We have gold and silver.

heart studs with pearl earrings nut


pearl earrings back


Making variations are available with little earrings parts. Enjoy your earrings more! 

sakura earrings and chain earrings nut

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