October Summer Vacation in Paso Robles

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Last weekend, we made a short trip to Paso Robles, CA. It was our late summer vacation. Actually the temperature was 100! So it was really summer weather! To Paso Robles was about 2 hours drive from where we live. I've heard there are nice wineries there. So I always wanted to visit there.

Open air wine tasting was awesome! 

Actually we didn't make reservation until we get there. But probably in this corona situations, most of tasting room are reservation only, Luckily, we could visit two wineries. One for a day we arrived, one for a next day! perfect! 


There are bunch of wineries. The reason we didn't make a plan was we had no clue to know where we should visit. too many...

So what I did was, visit visitor center in down town first! I got a local map and winery lists. And I got good recommendation from local visitor center staff!  

The wine was incredible! I brought some wines to enjoy at home.


I liked this sign in downtown! 


This time, wine was not only reason to go. There is an outdoor art event held there. 

It's called "Sensorio, Field of Light"

There were countless round lights like dandelion fuzz filling the field. The light works with the changing color of the sky from dusk to night. You wouldn't tired of seeing those lights. The shadows of trees and people makes the view more magical...

If you have a chance to visit, I highly recommended event! 


When I see these light, I remembered gems, Opal. It's also October Birthstone.
It is a gem that you can always feel the flickering light...



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