New Raw Stone Necklace!

Recently I added new necklace on my shop. I used one of the stone I bought from the Sedona trip.

These are my Sedona trip souvenir collection. Variety of Healing stones!


I set a Chalcopyrite onto Sterling Silver Base. 
Chalcopyrite is also called Peacock Ore is an uplifting stone, it grounds nervous energy which allows the body and mind to let go of stress and become calm.

Traditionally Chalcopyrite has been used to stimulate new ideas, find new friendships and lost objects. It is an ideal aid for those beginning an exercise or self improvement program.

Sounds good!  
I think jewelry can also be used as a charm.


The surface of the stone is rough and some parts are beautiful and some are not, but I like its natural appearance.


Enjoy One of a kind Earthy Jewelry.

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