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Thank you for visiting my blog! 
I hope you're staying inside and healthy in mind and body.
How are you doing in shelter in place order? 
Is staying home difficult for you? or comfortable for you?  For me, I basically work from home to make jewelry and do some desk work to update on my website. So it's not so big difference. But even I work from home basis, few times a week, I take jewelry classes and use studio for my projects.  I go to yoga studio too. Of course I hang with my friends sometimes. I enjoy communicate with people. 

Now we have to respect social distancing...Staying home is the biggest thing we can do for slowing spreading corona virus. 
But, why not virtual? 
I had a video chat with my girlfriend last night. Even if it was virtual, I was very happy to be able to meet them and I felt happy.
In our chat, we notice something same. When we walk our dogs, even we keep social distance, we take eye contacts and saying greetings to other walkers. And yield the way each other. I feel that we are a little more kind to each other than usual. That's little something this unusual situation brought us. We're all in a same boat. Let's think positive! 


Ok...New items!!
I wanted to make this kind of hoop. It's  trend recently and I love sassy look of this hoop. 
Online shop is virtual shop. Enjoy shopping at home!
Stay safe! Stay home! Stay healthy! 

If you need to make masks, here's the tutorial from previous blog post.
Handmade mask tutorials 



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