March Birthstone Aquamarine New Items

March Birthstone is Aquamarine. 
Aquamarine encourages creative verbal expression and harmonious communication. Wear to enhance communication and enable your highest truth to be expressed in the world.

It is said that you will be happy if you receive a gift of aquamarine for marriage or childbirth. Maybe that's because communication becomes smooth! 


Aquamarine Wide Band Ring

It is sterling silver adjustable wrap ring. The band is satin finished and I stamped star flowers. Inside of band is narrower. So it's comfortable to wear. The bezel is polished finish.  More Details


aquamarine ring


Raw Aquamarine Statement Necklace

This is Raw Aquamarine Necklace. It's one-of-a-kind unique raw stone jewelry of lead free hand soldered. The silver around the edge of the stone became spice of a design. I matched small pearls to adorn with. Natural and boho-chic pendant you can enjoy with day and night.
More Details

I have variations of this necklace.

Raw necklace in use
Enjoy one of a kind jewelry! 

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