Jewelry Storage Ideas

If you like jewelry, you might be interested in how to store jewelry at the same time.
I showed easy 3 tips. I hope it'll be help!


Tip 1
Use small boxes as a divider. 



Tip 2
Use pill cases or accessory cases (beads storage case works too!)



Tip 3
Use clear zipper bag.



I personally use big display box which I bought for craft fair. And I used some items I already have at home.

How I did it?
I cut my favorite pattern paper to the size of the drawer and laid under niece. Cloth works as well.

I decided to place a big statement necklace on the top.
I hooked the chain on the partition wall. So those won't tangle each other.
I put a box on second raw. You can store rings or earrings. Anything fits.


I put jewelry boxes inside of drawers. Those made smaller partitions. Again, I hook necklace chain on edge of the box so that those won’t tangle. In deeper box, I hung earrings.

In lower drawer, I put inserter. I left lower right drawer for cuff bracelets and chokers.
I could store many numbers of items. And I can see all at first glance :)

If you don’t have jewelry box, you can put some small boxes in the drawers of the desk or dresser and store jewelry. The point is partition.
I will share if I get a new idea! If you have a good idea, please share yours too!

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