Introducing New Items! June 2022

It's been long time since I posted last time...Reflecting on this, I will introduce new products every month from now on!

I would also like to list the jewelry that was sold.


New Items

Owl Necklace and Earrings

I fell in love at first sight with an owl that looked so
These earrings and necklace are for someone who likes unique animal or bird motif jewelry.


Mandala Metal Hair Cuff

It's slim type hair cuff. Mandala is hand stamped. I used 4 kinds of stamps to make this design. So these are not aligned perfect :P

This hair tie is good for section hair or even pony tail.


Star light Necklace

Another hand-stamped jewelry. Star light and crescent moon is above the woods.  Three moonstone drops are dangling.


Tiny Crystal Point Earrings

I was not sure how to use these tiny crystals. I paired with exotic gold components. The size fits perfectly! I love how it turned out!


To see my full collection, Please visit here

Yoko's Jewelry Collection


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