How to take care of your jewelry

Hi! everyone! Do you enjoy your favorite jewelry? However, some people may feel sorry that their favorite jewelry has been oxidized and changed from when it was new.

Today, I'd like to talk about how to take care of jewelry.


Do you polish your favorite leather shoes? In the same way, you need to take care of jewelry. But you don't need to polish it so often.

Jewelry is delicate. Please take off your jewelry when you shower and sleep. Jewelry does't like dust. To prevent your jewelry from getting dirty or oxidized, Store jewelry in a box or jewelry pouch, case. Also keep your jewelry away from water/soaps/chemicals(such as perfume)


What if it still oxidizes?

Don't worry. It will become beautiful with a little care.
Here are how to care for each metal.

Sterling silver

For Sterling silver jewelry, You can clean with liquid silver jewelry cleaner.
For jewelry with stones, moist a cotton swab with liquid silver cleaner and clean near stones. Rinse with water and dry with towel.

jewelry cleaner 

Or use silver cleaner cloth to polish.

For Brass, Copper, Bronze

I lacquer color resistance. However color might be darken by oxidize after a while. Please use silver cleaner cloth to polish.


polish cloth is available on the shop.


Gold, Gold-Filled

It doesn't oxidized, But to make your jewelry last as long as possible, it important that you keep it dry and away from chemicals such as perfume.


 Hope you enjoy your jewelry long time ;)


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