How To Search Your Favorites

Thank you for visiting my blog! I added some new items on my shop. Before I introduce new items, I'd like to share how to search what you're looking for in our shop!


1. On our top page, you'll see Click "Shop" on top. 
You'll see Search, All items, Shop by category, Collection

On "Shop by category" and "Collection" There are lists you can click.

On "All items" You can see all items in our shop. It can be filtered by titles or sort by price, new, old etc.


2. If you'd like to search something particular, you can find it on "Search" 





3. On search box, you can enter what you're looking for.  Name of stone, color , theme or styles...


For example,
Pearl earrings, Green necklace, Butterfly necklace, Dainty Jewelry, Hoop, Oval, Circle, Personalized, Flower, Moon, Cat, Apple...

 *In this search, depends on words, my shop policy or blog post might come up too.




Hope it'll help to find your faves! 
Enjoy shopping!


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