DIY Cork Christmas Ornament

Hi All! Thank you for visiting my blog!  Hope you’re being safe and having good holiday season.

Today, I'm introducing easy craft using wine corks. I collect corks for years. I've been thinking I wanna make something out of those. 

cork craft

When I took out from the bag I put them. Some memories came back to "Oh, I remember that wine! " "I remember I went to the winery..." "That trip was fabulous!"

One idea came upon to me. Something perfect around this time. Yes! Making Cork Christmas tree ornaments! 

Take about a inch of wire. Bend half and make U shape. Then bend both end outside.


Insert the wire into the cork. There is hole of screw. So it's not so hard to push in. You can tap top of the wires with the hammer. 

cork craft Christmas ornament


String tapes into the loop.

Cork craft Christmas Ornament



Cork craft Christmas Ornament
DIY Cork Christmas Ornament


How about decorating Christmas three with your favorite things...I'm a dog mom who loves wine lol 

Happy Holidays! 

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