Hello Fall! Introducing New Woodland Jewelry.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Labor day weekend is over. It's officially Fall season.

I updated some fall themed jewelry in our shop.


Woodland Pinecone Long Necklace

The pinecone charm was casted into bronze from REAL pinecone. I was looking for what to match with for long time. Finally, I met this grayish drusy stone. The shape of this stone itself and crystalized center look like wood grain to me. The white part look like cloud reflected on a pond...Overall it reminds me when I was walking in woods. It's perfect to match with acorn charm...

 This is where I found this pine cone.

Flost Valley

Frost Valley


This is pictures of casting process.
Real pine cone turn out to bronze pine cone! 

pinecone casting

 I hope you'll enjoy as much as I enjoyed makin! 


There are more fall themed jewelry. Enjoy exploring! 

Fall Jewelry Collection

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