Girls Day Out in Kimono

On the first day of spring, I went to Hakone Garden(Japanese Garden)  in North California with my Kimono pals!

It was first gathering after Covid.
We've been communicated online. But meeting in person is so special especially now.

My kimono coord on the day.

Greenish kimono is wool kimono. It's washable. So I love it! I want more washable kimono!

Obi is my newest item in my kimono collection. I purchased from Umeya in Japan. They shipped to US! Thank you!

I matched with my pink haori (kimono jacket)   :)

I used my latest piece,  flying bird brooch as Obidome. 

I used my Hair Slide on hair! 

Kimono coord
Kimono coord


I did mini trunk show for my friends too! It was first time in few years. I was so happy as a maker too! I appreciate everyone. I was so happy my jewelry found good owners! 



 Hope we can get together more often. 
We still wearing a mask. But I know there are beautiful smiles under masks :) 


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