February Birthstone Amethyst Jewelry

Excited to share February Birthstone Amethyst Jewelry!

Amethyst is a meditative and calming stone which works in the emotional, spiritual, and physical planes to provide calm, balance, patience and peace.
Wearing gemstone jewelry is similar to wearing a good luck charm. Wearing your favorite elevate your day! 

Enjoy finding your favorite(s)! 


Raw Amethyst point and Blue Moonstone Pendant

Simple and one-of-a-kind unique stone jewelry.  Pale tone color matches all different outfit colors.



Amethyst Crystal Point Necklace with Butterfly Charm

Casual, rustic, boho yet cute with butterfly charm.



Raw Amethyst Stud Earrings

One of a kind Amethyst Studs of clear Amethyst purple color.




Amethyst Rock Silver Bar Necklace

Interesting design of swing necklace with Amethyst and Sterling Silver.




We have items on Sale too! only $15! 

Amethyst messy wrap hoop earrings 



Simple Amethyst Chain Earrings (SALE)

Simple as never tired of earrings.


 We have more amethyst jewelry in our shop, Please use search bar to explore more :)

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