Ready to Ship Autumn Jewelry

It's a time of changing seasons. Summer is ending...I already miss. But The Fall is my favorite season! I'll introduce some autumn jewelry from our inventory.

Rhodochrosite botanical earrings

The warm pink tone is one of the representative colors of autumn.
It matches well in gold. I made prongs shape like leaves. thinking about falling leaves in fall.


Woodland Long Necklace

I casted pine cone into bronze. I think nature is the best designer. I love the shape of pine cones. I matched with duruzy stone. One of a kind fun fall jewelry.


Oak Hair Barrette

I was always wishing wearing colored leaf!Is anyone have same thought?



Spiderweb Earrings

Yes. Next big event is Halloween! It's bit halloween themed jewelry.

Boho-Chic Verdigris Patina Earrings

It's like Wearable abstract art. Enjoy with your favorite outfit.


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