Easy Updo Hair Styles With Hairpins

Thank you for visiting my blog! Today, I'm showing some tutorials video of updos hair styles. All are very simple and easy. It took me less 2 minutes. I did from low ponytail. 

My hair is straight and the length is 1.5" below the shoulders on back and about shoulders length on side. I have thick hair. 


French Twist with Large Size Hairpin

On this video, my hair is not neat enough...but I just wanted to give some ideas!
French twist is classy and elegant and easy to do!

I'm using Large size beaded copper bun holder.





Big Hair Bun with Bun Maker.

I'm using same hairpin. I made big hair bun with bun maker which you can find drug store. It's useful if your hair is not long enough to make big hair bun. There are color variations for different hair color too ;)




Everyday hairstyle with different sizes hairpins.

In this video, I’m showing same hair bun style (easy version without bun maker) with different sizes hairpins (hair fork🍴 )

Enjoy day and night. Casual style to Dressy style. 


Find your favorite from Hair pin collection. I also can do custom pin just for you. Please let me know!

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