Calling Kimono Lovers! Introducing New Obidome.

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I'm introduing new items called Obidome.
Obidome is jewelry for kimono. So if you're not familier with kimono, you might not heard of the name.
obidome on yukata
Nowadays, you wear earrings or rings when you wear a kimono, but before, obidome was the only jewelry you could wear when you wear a kimono.
However, please note that we don't wear any jewelry (except marrage ring) at the tea ceremony to respect the tea utensils.
I kept this large labradorite in my stash for a long time. This stone caught my eyes at the stone dealer show.
Behind scene of making process
Since I bought this stone to make obidome is always on my mind. It's beautiful but a Little heavy for brooch. Way too big for a pendant...
But not many people wear obidome compared to pendant or brooch...
That made me rethink always...
Although I believe this labradorite want to be an obidome.
I hope one day this obidome will find forever home.
Please check it out in our shop! 
Labradorite Obi Jewelry

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